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21 July 2018, Saturday
thesis June this year. Fours year on, the family of the girl, who is now 15, might actually get redemption as Kereke will finally have his day in court once Tomana issues a certificate of private prosecution. Mudenda acceded to the arguments by the opposition promising to interrogate the matter and then make a ruling later. He, however, likened private prosecution to private litigation saying that in civil matters, the losing party bears costs. He said the matter was finally set down for trial on October 10, 2012 and the trial date was November 14 of the same year. This case has taken too long but we are satisfied with the ruling, said Warara. Majome, who has been very vocal about cases of abuse and rape, said the attitude of the PG was not in the interest of the public. He accused Dr Gono of circulating Cabinet minutes and military files to hostile foreign governments in breach of the Official Secrets Act. The full Constitutional Court bench led by Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku ordered that Mr Tomana and Comm-Gen Chihuri be the third and fourth respondents, respectively in the corruption case. Following the alleged rape, the girl informed her elder sister and aunt. In the main case filed in December 2013, graphic Dr Kereke wants a declaration that the refusal by zacc to investigate the allegations was a breach of its constitutional mandate. Kereke went to the Constitutional Court at the time he was elected and said he had ceased to be a member of Zanu PF and he won as an independent. Adv Goba further said that there has to be exceptional and compelling reasons for the State to be burdened by the costs other than the mere allegation that Tomanas decision turned out to be wrong. Mr Warara made the application for legal costs three weeks ago, in terms of Section 22 of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act. The then AG Johannes Tomana then instructed me to halt the process of service of summons to the accused person pending a fresh recording of a witness statement from the rape victim. The Constitutional Court had reserved ruling in November 2014 on whether or not Mr Tomana and Comm-Gen Chihuri should be cited as respondents in the case. Bulk of the expenditure went towards upgrading the food processing plants in Harare and Bulawayos flour milling Lashbrook said the companys focus will be to improving efficiencies across all areas of the value chain to ensure quality, affordable e group plans to fund further growth. Dr Gono responded by dismissing the allegations as patently false.

He said, she was convinced that the PGs department munyaradzi kereke phd was incompetent and out to protect those who were politically wellheeled. The course of justice will take its course. Including that he allegedly sold gold from Fidelity Printers and Refiners at a discount of 34 percent to foreigners at a time Zimbabwe had foreign currency shortages. He said the allegations were malicious. Responding to this letter, mr Tomana indicated that the decision to decline prosecution was to stand. Analysts said Kereke might soon face allegations of sexually abusing a minor following the landmark ruling which allowed private prosecution to take place. Who was in charge of set down office then.

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Munyaradzi Kereke vs Gideon Gono, refused to go media school for three months after the cameo incident. Say they expect ProsecutorGeneral 4 million and 21 500 from State coffers and converted it to his personal use. Ordered the court, but if he fails to avail himself. The girl whose parents are reportedly divorced and domiciled in the UK and USA. Highlands Police Station recorded statements from the victim on November 1 2010. When they later choose to belong to a political party. We note with concern that you do not seem to want to take any action in this matter and we are by copy of this letter requesting the Attorney General to advise us if nothing will be done so that we can apply for. If such were to be visited on the State then as the matter is one of statutory discretion. I believe there is an MP who is now a stranger in this House because the Constitution is clear that if an MP was not representing a political party when heshe was elected to Parliament.

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Bikita West MP Munyaradzi Kerekes National Assembly seat hangs in the balance after the main opposition MDC-T yesterday raised a point of order in the House saying it had become vacant after he rejoined Zanu. © 2018. All rights reserved.