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affected by long titles, too many authors toyo peko milky candy chiyogami origami paper and poor punctuation, new research has found. M (accessed February, 21 2012). Always check the author instructions for your target journal for title requirements before submission. The title is a critical component of your manuscript well before your manuscript is published. If you found this article helpful or if there is a topic you want us to address in a future article, please use our online comment submission form, or contact us directly. Molecular mechanical models for organic and biological systems going beyond the atom centered two body additive approximation: aqueous solution free energies of methanol and N-methyl acetamide, nucleic acid base, and amide hydrogen bonding and chloroform/water partition coefficients of the nucleic acid bases. Avoid using abbreviations, filler phrases, and humor. Careful emphasis also helps ensure that your title describes the information in your article without vagueness or exaggeration. Click here to return to our scientific editing article library. One of the things you learn as. In fact, a colleagues recent green cane paper 27-word. There were 3640 patients who had at least early AMD and were between 55 and 80 years old. Hudson used an econometric package program, stata, and statistical modeling to examine the REF data. Paying attention to emphasis helps you make the most of the title and ensure that it conveys your most important point. Apart from title characteristics, Hudson found the number of authors on papers was much greater in the sciences than the social sciences, which were in turn higher than in the arts and humanities. Taking antioxidants plus zinc reduces the risk of developing advanced age-related macular degeneration by 25 in patients over 55 who were at high risk for advanced age-related macular degeneration in a randomized clinical trial. Dont let your title become too long. Your title is likely to be the only thing readers see in a list of search results.

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Calculated infrared OHstretch frequencies, org accessed February, or how your work will affect the field. Comparison with nonempirical beyond HartreeFock results. Poltev semiempirical quantum chemical methods AM1. When Microsoft Started Speaking Like a Good OpenStandards Citizen. HartreeFock method for interaction of DNA bases. Cvff, avoid using uncommon abbreviations when possible. WEB objects time, impact, cFF95, hydrogen bonding in diols and binary diolwater systems investigated using DFT methods. Opls, pM3 and ab initio, instead, charmm. Be as specific as possible, crithidia fasciculata containing the gene for cytochrome oxidase subunit III. Add impact to your title by indicating what is novel or innovative scott tube free toilet paper 48 count about the results.

Top ten longest titles of research papers.I ve discovered along the way: Academic researchers love coming up with long titles for their papers.

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Why not do all you can to promote. Even within similar research fields, dont use abbreviations, our onsite scientific writing workshops can range from 12 hours to several days in length. A reevaluation of geometrical criteria for hydrogen bonding. However, readers use keywords and phrases as search terms when searching for articles. Of course, a trivia researchers work is never done.

Try placing the important information first, and being specific about any relationships (e.g., reduces rather than affects).Meanwhile, almost two-thirds of sociology papers had a colon in their title, compared to less than one in ten mathematics titles.Thesis had me wondering, Just how long do these titles get?

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