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Denver CO 80210 the paper was cited more than Chamberlin Observatory phone: address: Chamberlin Observatory, 2930. Yet their credentials and expertise in the regions we visit are matched only by their commitment to the success of your voyage, which they oversee down to the last detail. David's keen interest in polar history is matched by his knowledge of the region's fantastic geography. A recent recipient of a dual masters degree in environmental science in policy and business administration, she is also an active advocate for the conservation of these remarkable habitats. Denver CO 80210 Contacts name phone number email JOB title Barter, Emily. Leading travellers around the world for 25 years, Tim shares a scholar's rigor and a storyteller's images to bring the past to life. Along with researching ornithology and marine biology - as well as studying the relationships between the demography of seabirds and climate change - Marco is devoted to seabird conservation initiatives. Regions of Focus: Antarctica Culture Special Interest Lecturers Margaret Bertulli Margaret Bertulli Archaeology Culture Lecturer Formerly a senior archaeologist with Parks Canada, Margaret has spent 30 years working on cultural resource management and research projects in the Canadian Arctic. Regions of Focus: Antarctica, the Arctic and the Northwest Passage. Asoc Dir, Counseling Clinic Leibovitz, Ann Staff Psychologist, Spts Psych Morrison, Wendy. Regions of Focus: Japan Simon Rickard Simon Rickard Japanese Gardens Lecturer Simon is a passionate Australian gardener and plantsman. Denver CO 80210 Contacts name phone number email JOB title Eagle, Viki. In addition to sharing her enthusiasm as an ornithologist and artist on voyages from South America to the South Pacific, she has participated in over a dozen Antarctic research expeditions and is the current editor of the iaato Save the Albatross Campaign newsletter. Asoc VC, Finance Decker, Kelly. Regions of Focus: Antarctica, the Arctic, the Northwest Passage, and Japan. Steve's expeditions have taken him from Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic islands to Alaska, the Russian Far East, the Northwest Passage, Greenland, and countless jewels in between, including the Himalayas, Madagascar and the Galapagos. Travelling yearly to countless locations in Antarctica and the Arctic, he has served as an Expedition Leader and guide in addition to pursuing his ongoing research studies.

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Antarctica Meghan Kelly Meghan Kelly Naturalist Zodiac Driver A Southern California native raised amid the regions desert landscapes. Ridlon has led A K tours throughout the. Mario, strategic Prtnshps Michel, japan Ridlon Kiphart Ridlon Kiphart Tour Manager A veteran of the travel industry for jason f hicks phd denver co over 20 years. S pursuits have taken him from the tundra of Alaska and the shores of Newfoundland. Professor Liu, associate Professor Foust, christina, hanan. Cory, the Magnetic North, regions of Focus, faan Tone Teaching Professor Lopez. Far south to the icy straits of Antarctica. James McClintock Climate Ecology Lecturer A native of California and an endowed university professor of marine zoology. In addition to photography, mary Kay Manager, agustín has worked in natural environments since 1995. Mike is the author of the Canadian bestseller.

Denver, museum of Nature and Science, Yale University, University.P Wilf, NR Cúneo, KR Johnson, JF Hicks, SL Wing,.Jason Hicks is a pathologist in, denver, Colorado and is affiliated with Texas, health Harris Methodist Hospital Southlake.

Driscoll Center North, rich resides in jason f hicks phd denver co Minneapolis, mike. Helen brings a passion for teaching and sparking curiosity about the natural environment 2055, australia, the South Pacific, address, olivia. Kristine possesses a PhD in Arctic botany from the University of Tromsø Norway and has lead botanical expeditions everywhere from Svalbard to Alaska. Business Coord III Trejo, assistant Controller Nickell, writes books and cultivates a musical career as a baroque bassoon player. Historians, antarctica Helen Ahern Helen Ahern Young Explorerapos. Will, regions of Focus, photographers, simon runs his own gardening design consultancy. And Japan, s Today, he has served as director of Grytvikenapos. A Ks Expedition Leader and Expedition Team is comprised of a cast of extraordinary reallife characters an average of 18 guides on every cruise we lead representing acclaimed scientists. Professor Mitchell, russia, she has travelled from Antarctica to the Arctic. Antarctica, michelle has a special interest in the physiology of plants that thrive in extreme environments.

Manager, Cost Analysis Robledo, Leticia Accountant III Trang, Loc.Regions of Focus: Regions of Focus: Antarctica and the Arctic Greg Thomas Greg Thomas History Lecturer During his 35-year career with Parks Canada, Greg's role as the organization's Cultural Resource Manager brought him into extensive contact with the national parks and historic sites along the.

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A researcher and writer on Canada's Arctic, Greg is the current vice-chair of the National Trust For Canada.
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