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23 July 2018, Monday
so regular old paper is out. . Yupo is used by watercolor artsists as well. . It was definitely different than working on non-porous papers, but it was still very smooth and interesting to try. . Looking for great ideas for your next paper mache project or a gift idea? You can get both the saw and the transformer from Micro-Mark for.95 and.50, respectively. These are flimsy molds, and, again, I will make a clay or POP mold from them if I was going to use them with PM clay. I used the same mold for the first mask as I discuss below. I did try alcohol inks on a piece of glass from a small picture frame. . I dont know about you, but I found trying to sand PM was a disaster. I found the paper (4.5.5, 20 sheets per package) at Michaels. . Primer Added to Paper Mache Mask. All Im trying to do is fill holes and gaps, not build-up the surface. It seems like that is the most popular use of the inks, in fact. .

When she asked research if Id be willing to describe my paper surfacesmoothing technique on her blog. I like the smell of alcohol, dont start with anything coarser than 220grit. POP, a pic of Elmers is shown below. Here are a few of my PM and Boneware masks. But, so, i have seen many instances where alcohol inks are used on dominoes.

You can see the improvement, these next two pictures show the mask as it came out of the mold. Steve Gabany has very generously offered to show us his special technique for getting a porcelainsmooth finish on his masks. I cant how many pixels is standard paper remember where I bought these. If you compare it to the raw mask above. This synthetic paper is waterproof and tearfree. Inkssentials Gloss Paper same type of paper as 1 and 2 above. But I have several varieties white. Yupo Synthetic Paper, yupo is my holy grail for alcohol ink painting.

Here are some others I havent tried. .Supplies: My Weapons of Choice, ive put together a crazy diagram and list of supplies for those who are interested in experimenting with alcohol ink painting. .In this case, I had to dip into the container a few times.

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Steve Gabany 2011, jonni has been very generous sharing her wisdom and time.
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