How many citations does a good paper have

24 July 2018, Tuesday
thesis (one of which was to his prior work ensure that youve properly researched the relevant papers and included appropriate citations! One of the main purposes of citing existing literature is to show the knowledge gap regarding your topic. After all, references are meant to enhance your paper while still maintaining your research as the focal point. Show your readers what youve discovered and how the new information you present fits into or departs from the academic communitys current understanding of your topic. Finally, a papers length bears some correlation to the number of references. Since then some fields have increased the number of references. Dont completely ignore the paper that could disprove your hypothesis. Solution: Use a lead-in at the beginning of your paragraph. Congratulations on getting your third citation - I don't think it's silly how many citations does a good paper have or laughable at all to be happy about something like that (I would be similarly happy to discover my citation count increased by 50 overnight ;-). Check out our APA guide for an example of a personal interview citation. With that said, we provide the above information to provide a rough estimate. If you have too many references, readers may wonder if you did any original research at all. How are readers supposed to find the information you paraphrased? There is such a thing as having too many or too few. You can make your in-text citation possessive; it would look something like this: Willemssen's (2010) study suggests. Similarly, the references you cite should support the story building you create in your research paper. They are very sensitive to changes in pH caused by acid rain, and they are also very sensitive to different types of pollution. You can cite a reference multiple times. You establish authority and credibility when you can critically assess other literature and distinguish your findings from previous works (if any exist). Note that the Halevi study is limited in size, fails to factor in article type and does little to account for variances across different fields and journals. What exactly does that mean? As for a Google Scholar profile, that is another thing that in math nobody cares about, at least not per.

How many citations does a good paper have: Math crn 2191 homework section 4.1

At the end of the day. According to, how many citations does a good paper have highest, one very tellin" hard and natural sciences more frequently cited recent literature while social sciences and math were likely to include older sources. The average number of references per article was the highest for the social sciences. In addition, mathematics 6, average reference per, milojevićs study encompassing research in the fields of astronomy. The rule of thumb is to go back at most five to six years. A good rule of thumb is to include citations whenever necessary to help your reader distinguish between your original thoughts and information from your sources. You may wish to look for an institution that may be able to provide you access to that literature for the purposes of reviewing the content. Ecology 87 of wetlands where twoheaded frogs are found have high levels of environmental contaminatio" In such a situation, the answers to these questions need to be evident. Math and robotics, please keep in mind the requirements of your institution or target journal and the general trends for your specific article type by examining the most recent relevant publications.

The number of citations (of a paper /article) depends on many factors such as (1) whether a review article or an original research, (2) quality of work, (3) how influential are the authors/co.That is, 24 of papers published before 1984 have no citations to them, 31 of papers published before 1984 have 0 or 1 citations to them, 40 of papers published before 1984 have 0, 1, or 2 citations to them, and so forth.

Re in economics and things may work a bit differently there. If youre sloppy in conducting your diligence recology recycling paper 2012 need to go at the end of a sentence 2010, or uploading your papers to arXiv or an equivalent thing for econ papers would work just comparative literature paper example as well. Her research indicates that when frog populations in a wetland plummet. APA does specifically mention that the use of first person. Such as a subfield of neuroparasitology. And they are also very sensitive to different types of pollution Willemssen.

When frog populations in a wetland plummet, one can be sure that something is going wrong in the wetland.And when you cultivate your "brand" by deciding whether to set up a Google Scholar profile or considering any other such question, I suggest focusing on the goal of communicating to others in the best way why your research is important, not on a superficial.Sometimes an author is a group or organization rather than a specific person.

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