How to make samosa paper

22 July 2018, Sunday
making the baked version and it was success. 26) how to write a research paper on coronary artery disease Once you are almost done shaping, heat the oil on medium heat for deep frying samosa. Thats how restaurant or thela people make this yummy treat. 16) Now start adding little water at a time and knead into smooth and little stiff dough. so remember these points while roll samosa dough. Knead to a firm dough. You can always make it at home and eat to your fill.

Garam masala and prepared corianderpomegranate powder. Stir and saute on a low flame for 12 minutes add the potato cubes and saute for 23 minutes with frequent stirring. Then there are chances of tiny air bubble pockets forming outside. Red chili powder, raisins are also added in the samosa filling which gives the samosa a little sweet taste in between. With a brush or with your finger tips. If you fry in hot oil.

How to, make, samosas.Samosa - Indian snack made with all purpose flour and stuffed.

Brush oil lightly on how to make samosa paper the prepared samosas 14 Using your fingertips, cut the dough in circles, prepare all the samosas this way and keep covered with a moist kitchen napkin. Try checking by adding small dough ball. Can samosa be made with whole wheat flour. Mix thoroughly, it should stay in the bottom for few seconds and then how to make samosa paper come on top steadily. Take the dough and divide it into equal medium sized ll one of it in rolling surface using rolling pin.

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