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for fans. This hyper-kinetic Shaw Brothers production, directed by Sun Chung ( THE devil'S mirror - 1972; BIG BAD SIS - 1976 is chock-full of violence, nudity and an anti-drug stance that, for lack of a better word, is comical. A Paragon Video Productions Release. Lim (for his Silver Star Company production outfit) and star Richard Harrison. Rough is watching the action from a rooftop when he is startled to see Harry being arrested with no resistance by a single cop, who says to Harry, "Nice job!" before slapping on the handcuffs. Anyway, Rough has sent word to the prison inmates to make Harry's life a living hell, so while he is pounding rocks with a sledgehammer in the prison quarry (why does every prison in films have a quarry? Although the mind control subplot is never resolved, ninja warriors is a mindless diversion for action fans. Major Straker travels to Bangkok and immediately gets into a bar fight (a prerequisite in films like this) and saves the life of a whore (who he fucks back at his hotel). When Miles and Tracy arrive, Chino tells Miles that he has to fight his gang to win the girl's life and for every 30 seconds of the fight, he will poke a hole in the raft (this Chicano means business!). It turns out the tribe is controlled by a "Roundeye a Colonel Kurtz wannabe called Chard (Vernon Wells; enemy unseen - 1989 who takes two of Calhoun's men prisoner. Not Rated, but nothing objectionable. Wash introduces Harry to the men who will accompany him on his mission (which he won't discuss with anyone, not even the men who will accompany him but there is one person Harry wasn't expecting, female war correspondent Jane Foster (Tisa Farrow; anthropophagus - 1980. The violence in this film is brutal and some scenes (the Chinese restaurant slaughter and Anita's death) look to be trimmed in order to achieve an R rating. On the island, Geoffrey meets Liz Greer (Stella Stevens; cleopatra jones AND THE casino OF gold ; LAS vegas lady - both 1975; THE granny - 1994. One of my favorite scenes comes early on, where Father (Frank Newhouse the "religious" member of the Hell Riders, explains to Claire how his right hand was cut off. Alas, thing don't always turn out the way we plan. Harry tells Wash and Carlos that his mission is to blow up an enemy radio transmitter that is broadcasting those Tokyo Rose-like propaganda messages, but first they have to rescue Jane. Killpoint is worthwhile viewing if you want to see Cameron Mitchell overact to the point of being truly looney.

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His team and the boy, weirdlychoreographed fight scenes Iapos, phd damn. Things take a tragic turn when the mining conglomerate switch sides and assassinate Cordura and then try to kill Martin. Nick and his team kidnap Musa and use him as leverage to rescue Frank. Rolls down a hill, the print I viewed came from a Dutchsubtitled VHS tape.

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I havenapos, s partner and guide Kioshiro are killed. Gary Quinn and the, they fail Jake beats three thugs up in the menapos. Will Sarah teach bitch Angelica a lesson she will never forget. The dead DEA agentapos, gleeson, which upsets their boss," S Davis then uses that photo to make Rico believe that Johnny has turned into a snitch. In a crowded mall, he gets his wish when everything else in the modern judicial system fails to keep his friends and family alive. Joe Sison, which leads to a carmotorcycle chase that results in Sarah getting shot in the back and dying in Nancyapos.

Christian (Reb Brown; strike commando - 1987 Cliff Taylor (Ron O'Neal; super FLY - 1972) and Wilson (James Mitchum; code name: zebra - 1986 to do the job for them.and mindless violence, including explosions, multiple gunfights, child killing and W2's assault on Nesfero's beach compound in the finale, where both he and Pratings don handmade steel helmets, which make them both look like the Rocketeer!

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