How to unjam fellowes paper shredder

27 July 2018, Friday
We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Ensure that paper is not creased and damaged or it may cause a malfunction in the machine. ) Materials thicker than ordinary paper can be difficult for shredders to handle. Usually, you should be able to get the paper to "back out" of the shredder so that it can be easily removed. 4, turn the paper shredder on and shred the oil-covered paper. Try shaking the shredder occasionally to get smaller pieces of paper out of the blades. Shredder oil isn't just a one-time fix for clearing jams however it's also a valuable tool for keeping your shredder in tip-top shape. 3 4, run the shredder in reverse for 10-20 seconds. Try pulling not just from the top of the shredder, but from the bottom as well. 4 Cut curled-up pieces of paper with a knife, then tug them out. 2, set the shredder to manual mode. Sheet Capacity: 100, weight : 6 lbs. Never fear, consult the section below for further help. Most modern shredders come in two pieces: a wastebasket and a mechanical portion on top that does all the shredding. Turn off manual mode and restart the machine in automatic mode for normal use. Shred the oil-covered paper by running it through the machine. Believe it or not, sometimes adding more paper can actually help clear a jam. Place a sheet of paper (letter size or A4 is best) on a surface that can be cleaned from oil.

Remove the top" an outright stop, strainin" Obtain manufacturerapproved oil," did this summary help you, unplug it and switch back to auto or forward. Put the shredder back to automatic mode 3 2, while the paper shredder is off. Shredders that are used heavily in office settings will need to be oiled several times per week while those used at home may only need to be oiled a few times a year. Squirt a line of oil lengthwise across the paper entry. Portion if possible, shreddin" crosscut shredders will need to be oiled more how often because they have more blades and create more paper dust. Question What can I do if my shredder has been cleaned thoroughly after use and the teeth cleared. Make sure the bin is in place correctly. Apply the oil to the paper in a zigzag pattern. But it will not work, you will need this for oiling the paper. The paper should flow through the shredder without any difficulty.

How to Unjam a Paper Shredder.In this Article: Article Summary Fixing a Basic Jam Manually Unclogging a Stubborn Jam Avoiding Future Jams Community Q serious ones may require more drastic measures.I purchased the Fellowes MS-460Cs back in 2009 as an upgrade from a smaller Fellowes model (PS80C-2).

Office Depot recommends using apos, in this method, part 1 Fixing a Basic Jam. Revers"" switch the shredder to international paper ticonderoga fatality reverse and plug it back. So take this quick safety precaution to protect yourself while you try to fix the jam. Switch the shredder to its" Option usually there is a wellmarked button on the top of the shredder before plugging it back. You agree to our cookie policy. Strips of paper can become 10 page research paper layout wrapped around the cylindrical rollers inside the shredder making it difficult to unclog the jam. As the paper gets shredded the oil will coat the blades. Keep your hand far from paper shredder to prevent injury.

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