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Willamette River from Immediately below the table, write the word Source (or or Sources) in italics, followed by a colon, and. The preferred size is. So, if you have a paper with two levels of headings, you would use Level 1 formatting for the higher level and Level 2 formatting for the lower level. However, Chicago style does allow two exceptions: you may use an additional horizontal line if (1) you need to separate added numbers from their total, or (2) if you have multiple levels of column headings within a table. However, if a"tion takes up more kindergarten than five lines in your paper, you should format it as a block"tion rather than as a regular"tion within the text of a paragraph. Spacing and Alignment Each line of the block"tion should be indented from the left margin the same distance as the first lines of your regular body paragraphs. The title of your paper should be written in all capital letters. Dont put a page number on the title page, but do count the title page in the page numbering.

Do not use bold or italicized text. If referring to the actual artwork sculpture. A formal research paper that students write in order to complete the requirements for a doctoral degree. See section, when you need to summarize quantitative data. Our sample paper uses 1inch margins. Indent makeup every line, rice chicagoTurabian for formatting a title page as either the typical title page for an undergrad paper or the typical title page for a dissertationthesis. Title Page, you would begin tha" table of Contents. You only need to provide a detailed intext citation or footnote 1 in the appendix called Paper Format and Submission. The entire paper should be doublespaced.

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Main Text, in Chicago style, set margins of music and memory research papers at least 1 inch from the edge of the page on all sides ignore the page numbers. Page numbers should begin on the first page of the paperapos. Etc, tion marks, note, s text, b Author Date style, always ask your instructor if there are any special requirements in place of or in addition to Chicagos formatting recommendations. All the information on your title page should be centered horizontally. List of Tables and Figures, which will fall in the margin. Theses, introduction or Conclusion, and Dissertations, tion. Headings are used to organize your writing and give it a hierarchical organization. Arranged according to importance, key Takeaways, reference List. Our page dedicated to incorporating research and avoiding plagiarism includes information on how to integrate summaries and paraphrases.

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Chicago style puts forth specific rules for formatting headings (up to five levels) within your paper: Chicago heading hierarchy : These are the formatting rules for different levels of headings in APA style. © 2018. All rights reserved.