Diy paper dot garland

26 July 2018, Thursday
has created for weddings) in her. In order to make a bunch of strands that are the same length, mark this length with two pieces of tape on a table. Hold the paper still with one hand while twisting the paper two times with the other. Glue gun 4 chip brush, instructions:. And then its totally addictive! Holding the template on the felt with your finger, carefully cut around the circle. Cut a 2inch diameter circle from cardstock. Cut a piece of the kitchen twine to this length, leaving enough on either end for hanging. I created 7 for my garland. Continue folding and punching the rest of the sheet. Old iron (I purchased one from a thrift store to use for this project). A gold bow never hurts! This doesnt have to be exact variation is good. Tape one end down to the table to hold it in place. I also wanted to introduce Jessica a bit. How cute is that right? . Another variation is taking two different colored paper strips and twisting them together. Brush wax onto the second layer and place a third piece of tissue paper on top. You want the ends rounded and not flat. Now eat a donut. I made a few, including this adorable lavender and pink one for a friends nursery. . Dab some glue on reverse side of the center and end of your hourglass shape. Each bow is made up of one hourglass shaped piece, one tab and two ribbon tails. . Spread the circles apart along the string at roughly equal intervals, flipped up or down. Remove the paper clip from your bow and center it over the tab with overlapped piece facing. . Put a dab of glue on the front side of one of your ribbon tails. .

Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas, kitchen twine, share ON pinterest. A glue gun, secure the entire thing with a paper clip and set aside to dry. Large circle puncher I used Fiskars Squeeze Punch XLarge. Overlapping slightly to create your bow shape. Try layering different colors of tissue paper to create various hues. Youll be gluing your ribbonthread to the back side. And if you love these but dont have the time resource paper stretching for dancers pdf to make them. Using simple tools and inexpensive materials. And you are done, et voilà youre done, tissue paper. Share ON facebook, jessica is selling them in her etsy store also.

Diy paper dot garland, Wyong local paper

5x11 piece of english news paper download free paper, with a passion for creating since she was a child. Or else like little polka dots or beads. Cut off, spread out the first sheet of tissue paper and brush a layer of wax over the entire surface. Two layers luminara candles in paper bags of tissue paper would probably work. You can get 2 bows out of a standard.

Step 3: Repeat as evenly as you can.Take a break from the traditional red and green and incorporate color this season by creating this easy, vivid garland for your mantle, or even the whole tree.

Im having a bit of a love affair with paper garlands lately (I made this one for, reeds nursery ). © 2018. All rights reserved.