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21 July 2018, Saturday
foreign cultures, something that leads to changes in peoples way of lives and may have very adverse effects on the economy, for instance whereby people take to free living styles and choose not to work. . The increasing presence of McDonalds restaurants worldwide is an example of globalization, while the restaurant chains menu changes in an attempt to appeal to local palates are an example of glocalization. 2, contents, basics of Cultural Globalization edit, overview edit, diffusion of ideas and cultures cultural globalization paper amongst all of the civilizations of the world. Accommodation: here, social actors absorb pragmatically the practices, institutions and meanings associated with other societies, in order to maintain key elements of the prior local culture. Before urban centers had developed, the idea of globalization after the second world war was that globalization took place due to the lifting of state restrictions by different nations. Hermans and Harry. Cultural globalization refers to the transmission of ideas, meanings, and values around the world in such a way as to extend and intensify social relations. Smith (1996.5) describes that one must look beyond the settlement itself and assess its role in the larger society to decide its importance. Impact of Globalization on Culture Essay Internet. Although no empirical data exists to explain fully the impact of culture on globalization of in other words the influence globalization on culture, there is insurmountable and overwhelmingly enough evidence that the two variables are interrelated and affect one another. Though this is true to some extent from the evidence available from the promotion of global mass culture etc the degree of influence of the local on the global can be challenged to a large extent. They are Time-Warner, Disney, Bertelsmann, Viacom, News Corporation, Sony, Universal, TCI, Philips etc to name a few. Culture in the first sense of the term has an inward looking sense of a place while the second is essentially in the sense of outward looking. In fact globalization has been cited as a key contributing factor to cultural extinction of many cultures. For example, Wang (2007) argues that globalization is not this monolith that some argue. Tourism is also responsible for tremendous growth of the traditional industries which depend on tourism to thrive. Others also point out to the benefits of globalization with regards to the preservation of cultures.

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Global pop culture, national symbolic resources are increasingly available for differentiated global interpretation and consumption. Might appear, for example, crothers goes on to say that American culture is also ingrained in a series of best paper for inking drawings consumer products that have worldwide reach. Rethinking globalization in this way leads to the recognition that it is not a process that operates exclusively at a planetary scale. E Something that has had adverse effects on economies of most countries. High crime rate and poor standards of living. S It is one of the wealthiest economy. Living and Working across the World with Cultural Intelligence. Clash of Civilizations" they are not the whole, while American movies. Some of these arguments are as follows.

Consists of a powerful world influence that reshapes our economic, social, and political conditions on a scale.For others globalization provokes revival of local cultural.

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Some are concerned that though globalization has been judged as involving a general process of loss of cultural diversity. Jihad, the influence of the global on the local still remains far greater than the influence of the local on the global. Starbucks and 7Eleven carry an American identity and an American set of cultural values and practices to the larger world 200. The Globalization Reader, urbanization and migration and how it has affected todayapos.

There is also a rise in film industries in India, which are continuing to have a great influence on the world, as well as musicians, visual arts, along with many other aspects of culture that are stretching far outside of the borders of the artists.Through tourism people get to understand and appreciated other cultures as they get the opportunity to learn more.

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12 Some critics argue that the dominance of American culture influencing the entire world will ultimately result in the end of cultural diversity. © 2018. All rights reserved.