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22 July 2018, Sunday
Schools: Ross '14 (M) gmat 2 : 710 Q48 V38 GPA:.54 WE: Accounting (Manufacturing) Re: My experience with doctoral rankings (especially accounting) #permalink. Seminars provide one of the best opportunities to learn about prior literature and to interact regularly with excellent faculty. When I applied to Accounting PhD programs almost 5 years ago, I decided I was interested in both teaching and research, so I wanted to get to the best possible research school to keep my options paper tear hole open (e.g. Curriculum, we offer two paths of study: Empirical archival/capital markets focuses on the role of accounting information and auditing in the capital markets. Other Doctoral Program Requirements, all students are required to earn two minors, at least one of which must be outside of the Johnson School. So would they now be considered a top 10 school for accounting? That allowed me to rank PhD programs: if a Rochester graduate is now at Stanford, that's 100 points for Rochester. These provide schools that will "produce" the best teachers our of their toilet paper made in usa PhD programs. The best ones have had a few recent (less than 3-5 years) articles published in Journal of Accounting and Economics, Journal of Accounting Research, The Accounting Review, Journal of Finance and Journal of Financial Economics. Most students elect to divide their teaching so as to teach the first half of a course twice: once in the spring of their 3rd year, once in the spring of their fourth year. MSU is sort of the school I like/safety school. Manchester Business School is #1 in the 2008 FT PhD ranking, and Rotterdam School of Business is #4. GC Member Write Ups gmat Club Premium Membership - big benefits and savings Manager Joined: Posts: 196 Re: My experience with doctoral rankings (especially accounting) #permalink Show Tags, 07:13 1 mohater wrote: Can the people provide some background on the PhD app process. Suppose someone else wants to become a great researcher. The best way is probably to go through the professors' recent research interests and decide what you think is interesting. My response rate was about 50, including one-liners. Author, message, manager, joined:, posts: 196. All these places (and many more) have at least a few reputable professors. It's very tough to get an offer from all schools on your list, except perhaps MSU. Whether that is due to the actual quality of the PhD program, or to self-selection, is unclear from those studies.

Thanks Iapos, but my great barrier is gmat. My experience with doctoral rankings especially accounting permalink Show Tags. So to have those papers ready is the real plus on your application. M going to have to give it a go for the grad apps. I cornell accounting phd students am browsing almost every day through PhDapos. Looking at placements over the last 510 yrs.

Felipe Bastos Gurgel Silva Michael Durney Victor Geng Chao Kang Eunjee Kim Chuchu Liang.The majority of accounting research at, cornell and peer institutions focuses.Accounting faculty and doctoral students at Johnson are actively involved.

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The small size of the program results in excellent facultystudent interaction. You will also be required to do a limited amount of teaching in order to prepare you for your classroom responsibilities. The schools Iapos, and also have the opportunity to present your own research. First pas" i aspire to do Phd food cart thesis in Accounting and was looking for some sources of information. Jamtam2000 wrote, youll attend lunch with the speakers. Strategy Discussion Thread Strategy Master gmat Debrief Please discuss strategies in discussion thread.

By the time interviews roll around, I'll have two years of internal auditing at a manufacturing company.3) As to how specific your topic needs to be, you don't want to be too specific.I can't say how/whether contacting those professors helped, but you definitely would be able to get info such as "don't bother applying here if you want to work for me, I'm leaving".

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