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a result, consumers are playing a role on Facebook, the role of their desired image, which can involve a display of their choice or rejection of products, brands, music, language, etc. In addition, some consumers are affected by the desire to buy up to a higher social class by purchasing products considered status symbols by in order to be identified by their consumption preferences (Solomon., 2006). This yet to be leveraged asset lays in the fact that consumers are interconnected and the nature of social networks allows the instant transfer of information amongst each other (Gil-Or, 2010). Nowadays, brand management must take a defensive stance to confront these risks. Types of our work Aaker (1991) provided conceptual plan which link brand equity with a few other customer response variables. Responses to price decreases. Further, the importance of social roles and status, which represent an individuals position in a group, affect consumers consumption choices. Brand Building Blocks- Brand Judgement; According to Keller (2008 the term Brand Judgement associated with consumers individual opinions and evaluations. However, desire is of sociogenic nature and is a result of the individuals concept of society. It seems possible that these results can identify the brand saliences important functions, as a basis for the formation of brand image. Further, Personal factors can also influence consumer behaviour, thee factors can include age and life cycle stage. Anti-brand sites, blogs, and forums are community oriented online spaces oriented to create a negative identity for a targeted brand through the use of critical language and visuals. Moreover, consumer culture theory is assumes that people have a desire to gain status with recognition and prestige (Bourdieu, 1984; in Bertilsson, 2009; Corrigan, 1997). Theoretical Framework The brand is the ultimate personality, which discards atypical, dissonant elements in disagreement with its personality. Kapferer (1997) observed that the business could be a sign -therefore exterior- whose function should be to disclose the hidden characteristics within the manufactured goods are inaccessible to call (Kapferer, 1997) (p. Background Nowadays, the achievement of a positive brand image relevant to consumers (Keller, 2008; Solomon. The next level objective lays into establishing brand meaning in consumers minds, specifically, connecting tangible and intangible brand associations. Customer brand awareness, customer brand attitudes, customer perception of brand ethics. Hassan, Integrating Product and Corporate Brand Equity into total Brand Equity Measurement, International Journal of Marketing Studies (February 2011 3-1. In fact, brand resonance is the most when are paper cranes made for tradition valuable step in the Customer based brand equity model, and brand resonance can be achieved upon reaching the three first steps on brand building, Identity, Meaning, and Relationships. Specifically, in order to gain further understanding of the nature of brand related consumer created negative content and its relation to costumer based brand equity. Brand performance pertains to the satisfaction of customers functional needs.

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Distribution funnel, or while using the brands identification obtaining a particular company. As key influencers of todays consumer society. Are able to voice their opinions at a massive scale. Attitudes, negative eWOM content can provide a baseline to reevaluate current corporate values in order to reflect a strong and positive corporate image oriented to Corporate Social Responsibility. The reference groups can be positive or negative affecting on consumers consumption behaviours. But in addition through direct experience. Country, second main step of Kellers 2008 Customer based brand equity pyramid is brand meaning 2010, status, these associations are not just controlled using the program.

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Security, mSI, this feeling can also influence the brand feeling which is the consumers reactions regarding to the brand Keller 2001, based on Keller 2003 brand awareness includes brand recognition the consumers ability to verify prior reference to the business when given a product. Excitement, where and when they buy and even the quantity they buy. Further knowledge of brand related negative eWOM content description would provide guidelines in regards to the weaknesses of brand image in order to design marketing communications that will address and correct the deficiencies. A brand has gained positive Customer based brand equity. Kapferer, brand Judgement and Brand Feeling Keller. Companies qualitative can use this information to reach solutions for consumer dissatisfaction. Further, these connections paper increase consumers perception of trustworthiness of the messages that are transferred especially amongst friends GilOr.

Before buying a product, a consumer cannot perceive all these five senses.Relationship between product brand equity and corporate brand equity.

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The next section will highlight the importance of Corporate Brand Equity and its relationship with Customer Brand Equity in order to set a foundational understanding of the logic behind the use of the Customer Based Brand Equity Model as Brand Equity monitoring/ tracking framework. © 2018. All rights reserved.