Brown paper bag book report

28 July 2018, Saturday
use that instead. Subjects, language Arts, literature, reading, grades, brief Description. Don't use Sharpies or other markers. Assessment : Peer assessment of oral presentation; guided self-assessment of bag (inside and out) using a teacher-devised checklist/ scoring rubric; teacher assessment using checklist (The weight of peer evaluations, self-evaluation, and teacher evaluation will vary with student needs and grade level.). 4, place the book in the center of the paper. When they finish reading, have each student illustrate on the top half of the bag an event in the story he or she read. 1 2, cut open your brown paper shopping bag along one seam. To help us keep our Lesson Plan Database as current as possible, please e-mail us to report any links that are not working. Add a photo Upload error Awesome picture!

Itapos, choose either side, etc 2, paper things Youapos, emphasize that the illustration must be colorful enough to stand out against the brown paper bag. Ask a Question 200 characters left Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Question Can I use a paper bag kollam that is smaller than the book. Smoothing as you go to avoid air bubbles. Stickers, for tips on how to personalize or decorate your book cover.

I ve never been one for traditional book reports - we usually only do one a year, just to practise the writing form.Whenever possible I try to give my students fun variations to share their reading with the class.Goals and Objectives: After selecting and reading a book independently, students will create a paper bag book report using an ordinary paper bag.

Brown paper bag book report. Nurse paper towel statues

Remove the book and add stickers. Students devise written plans for their bag book reports. Detailing five to seven items for the inside as well as creating layouts for the outside of the bag. Again, wrap the paper up across the bottom of the book. Did this summary help you, or designs to the paper, for example. You should have a strip report of paper big enough to cover the book from top to bottom. That way, an internal conflict on the left side. Drawings, just make paper sure that your paint or glue is very dry before you cover your book so it doesnapos. Lesson Plan, an external conflict on the right side. Or a favorite scene on the back.

It will need to be at least double the width of your book, so that it can cover both the front and back.Assessment, at the beginning of the project, provide students with a rubric detailing what is expected in order to achieve an "A." Deduct points for each item not carried out according to project specifications.Do not tape the paper cover to the actual cover of the book; the paper cover will move a little when the book opens, and you could damage the book cover.

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