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29 July 2018, Sunday
Capella to be a great school that met my needs and I found the cirriculum comparable to a local brick and mortar offering the same degree. Lastly, I've read some comments that said you can "copy and paste" other students work and get by with passing grades which is completely false. I'm not sure many institutions that aren't concerned about money? Another issue I see is the complaint that all they want is your money and the actual schooling is secondary. Most are professors at traditional brick and mortar universities and are simply teaching additional classes online in their spare time. I love my choice here and would not have done anything differently. And echoing another review here, I had also heard that the idol program was the worst of the education department. No one wants to be in school forever. I had an horrible experience with the professor of this course as she was unprofessional and did not reply to her students in a timely fashion. The loss of many lives, due to forest fires, schools shootings, drive-by, Hurricanes, tornado's, flash floods, and terrorist attacks.

There was no mention of any associated fees. And I ended up doing an extra year of coursework because of the misdirection. I had no problem with the coursework. Most of the professors seemed to really care resources if I understood the concepts. I do want to state that I have been able to move up in my career due to taking courses towards my PhD. But they were innovative and offered guide adult learners what they needed at the right time. T know much about Capella, however, i attended my undergrad at the University of Illinois. But one word of caution, bridget Rewitzwr was the person whom I spoke to about this and I have a copy of the original email.

As I worked through my BS in Psychology at, capella University, I felt supported by instructors and staff at every capacity.I am proud to be a Capella graduate.

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Willingness, i rarely heard from my academic counselor and when I did contact her. T care, being from Louisiana, they are looking for an easy paycheck at the expense of your education. My first choice was an instate institution that many of my professors and colleagues had attended. I can say that my experience was fantastic. S online library which is more extensive than I will take the time to explain here. If you are looking for a walden phd in psychology resources guide school to attend for psychology please go elsewhere.

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A dilemma I faced after receiving my BS Degree was finding a reputable academic program to pursue a Doctorate in Psychology.
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