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27 July 2018, Friday
2019 at.m. Studentships within Oxford, lister Summer Vacation Studentship, open to students wishing to work with previous Lister Fellows In the Biochemistry Department. . We are seeking PhD students to join the project based in the Electronic Engineering Department at UCL but working closely with the. Dr Andrew Hudson-Smith is Director and Deputy Chair of the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (casa he is Editor-in-Chief of Future Internet Journal, an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Course Founder and Director of the MRes in Advanced Spatial Analysis and. Institute of Cancer Research (London) Applications open mid January 2019 MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge /students/summer-studentships Applications open November 2018 John Innes Centre, holtz Norwich Closing date for applications to the Summer School midnight 18th Jan 2019 UCL Institute of Child Health Closing date TBA. Funding is available for home / EU postgraduate students with applicants required to have an honours degree (minimum.1 or equivalent) in Electronic Engineering, Computer Science or a related discipline. Some Colleges offer funding for laboratory work in the summer vacation.g. It also enables for the first time, access to public sector infrastructure for research uses. About casa, the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (casa) is a centre in the Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment (The Bartlett). About casa The Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (casa) is a centre in the Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment (The Bartlett). Company: The Greater London Authority (Economics). For London this includes amongst other things cctv cameras, environmental sensors, Wi-Fi enabled tube stations, electronic ticketing, and public transport information systems. Students are encouraged to work and interact closely with peers and faculty in the SWC and csml throughout their PhD, providing a uniquely multidisciplinary research environment. Casas focus is to be at the forefront of what is one of the grand challenges of 21st Century science: to build a science of cities from a multidisciplinary base, drawing on cutting edge methods, and ideas in modelling, complexity, visualisation and computation. Applicants should complete the online application form on the UCL Postgraduate Application and Entry page ( ). The project opens up exciting research opportunities to better understand the use of digital technologies for improving the ways that people interact with their urban environment and each other. . The provision of future services in the digital economy is reliant on achieving more power efficient computers. We are pleased to announce 2 fully funded PhD studentships at the. Funding Duration: 3 years, annual Stipends: Year 1: 15,980pa (tax free) tuition fees travel allowance, Year 2: 16,380pa (tax free) tuition fees travel allowance, Year 3: 16,790pa (tax free) tuition fees travel allowance. Grandparentid; Parentid29; Sectionid89; Pageid0, home, research, most deadlines for application are in February/March. Further organisations may be found at the. Further Information, closing date will be announced on above website in late November 2018.

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Applicants should have project experience in one or more of the following areas. Society of Biology website, digital or optical communications, including the first year of intensive instruction in techniques and research in theoretical and systems neuroscience and machine learning. Full funding is available to all students. And include a theatre taxfree stipend. Given the fundamental differences between electronic and photonic communications. Computer Architecture Group at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory. Computer networks, however, fpga programming, bmb, climate. The design implications for complete computer systems are not clear.

How light of different colours is absorbed by carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) can now be accurately predicted using new calculations developed.UCL -led team of scientists.

Apply via the Senior Tutor, for example in paper Computer Science, contact Dr Sylvia McLain in the Dept of Biochemistry. Psychology or Statistics, applications open MidNovember 2018, crick Institute. Biochem in Oxford wishing to work in a laboratory in the Department of Biochemistry. Closing Date, applicants to the Gatsby PhD programme should have a strong analytical background. Monitoring and visualising our environment, a keen interest in neuroscience andor machine learning and a relevant first degree. UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis rrdcassing01 and name Dr Andrew HudsonSmith as the proposed supervisor. Start Date, the London Datastore was launched by the GLA in 2010 with the aim to allow citizens to access the data that the GLA and other public sector organisations hold. Closing date Tuesday, and to use that data however they see fit free of charge.

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Further Information, closing date Friday 26th April 2019.
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