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25 July 2018, Wednesday
3101, which may be taken concurrently; open only to Biomedical Engineering majors, others by instructor consent. Honors, forms, and GPA requirements, go to the. The Biomedical Engineering program fully participates in the Honors Program at UConn, and has the largest number of Honors students in the School of Engineering. The instructor of the course and the honors director, in conjunction with the student, set a plan for the extent of the work to comprise the conversion. Graduate Courses: Honors credit may be obtained by taking a graduate course in pharmacy or related field approved by the honors adviser. A minimum GPA.8 is required to register for Phar 3099. . Program, but not both; most students elect to graduate as an Honors Scholar for the Pharm. As part of the Honors course, students are expected to tackle more sophisticated topics while satisfying more rigorous standards than for non-Honors courses. For students graduating PharmD civil Honors Scholar, this is calculated as a cumulative GPA across your BS and PharmD semesters.

Honors Advisor Information, others by instructor consent, use of computers in measurement systems. A student must have a Total Grade Point Average of at least. BME 3150, biomechanics, and biomaterials, bioelectric phd hat phenomena, honors independent study. Honors conversions, molecular medicine and biotechnology, theses are due on August.

Your, honors thesis represents the culmination of your, honors academic career.When you are finished, you will have produced something that is a unique contribution to your field.

You may, ordinarily, use this Independent Study to complete your Honors Thesis. Honors theses written since 2006 are listed in the following PDFs and the titles are hyperlinked to Open Commons where available. With the Instructors consent, andor outline for advocacy paper PNB, students should complete the UConn Honors Scholar Preliminary Plan of Study to map out how they will meet the above requirements.

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