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23 July 2018, Monday
mean quality. Discuss punishment prescribed for various offences relating to unlawful assembly. It will increase your stamina, speed of thought and speed of recall. Suppose youre a young employee. By the way, those readers who cannot access the VLE due to their non-student status, but wanting to get an idea on the kind of examinations we sit for, will find the most recent examination papers and relative examiners commentaries here. One questions from the Part 1 carrying 20 marks, Four questions from the Part 2 carrying 15 marks each and one questions from Part 3 carrying 20 marks. I believe this is probably the most important step during an examination. Unsuccessful revision is the accumulation of information with no organising principle. Analytical skills : customise your learning to suit the question asked. Discuss its various kinds? Discuss different modes and methods of acquiring and loosing ownership. Explain the 'unpaid-siller".Discuss the right of unpaid seller against the goods. Its not even stimulating! What are the essentials of a partnership? Write notes on: (i Bill of Rights (ii Privy Council Part 2 Q:7. Fundamenral Rights are guaranteed under the USA Constitution. The quality of your reasoning : demonstrate that you can choose appropriate theories, examples, and use them to support your knowledge. I usually stay in a silent room for two or three hours (depending on the type of examination) with a pen, some ruled paper (which is the kind were given on the day of the exam some water, a non-scientific calculator (if allowed. Generally the run starts from 2009 but there are exceptions. Also discuss the mixed questions of law and fact. Time management is another key ingredient for success. Explain the essntials of a legal right. Paper 3 Time Allowed : 03 Hours rks:100 university of london llb past papers Attempt any Six in all ree questions from the Part 1 and Three questions form Part l university of london llb past papers questions carry equal marks. Discuss various kinds of Punishments as have been given under Pakistan Penal Code.

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I studied it last toilet year financial but am rereading it now to plan my revision and adjust the latter to my current needs. Be prepared to be examined on the entire syllabus. What is the different between a written and unwritten Constitution.

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One day, how well you are able to manage your time. And state the exceptions to he rule. quot; the primary goal of all this timed practising is to boost our selfconfidence and help us stay calm called during the examination. It can be downloaded from the VLE. What is meant by easement, discuss the rights and duties of a bailor. Please get in touch if you want more details. Highlight your mistakes and redo those questions you failed to understand properly. Also discuss the criticism advantages againest the theory. A question may not materialise for years but pop up one day because its part of the subject guide or essential readings.

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