Rice paper mounted over gold foil board

05 August 2018, Sunday
a loop for hanging. . This limited edition statue 525 of 5000) depicts the Bambino in Yankee pin stripes swinging a bat. . 1990 SAM Bobbin Head/Nodder Figurine. . Reverse has post card style back for mail this visible product (unwrapped) back when there was less mail theft. . It is available in gloss and matte finishes. Nice silver bordered card with featuring color photo of Ruth posing in a studio (looks like his Yankee road uniform). . Beautiful limited edition gold -finished pewter buckles each designed and shaped differently with embossed images of the Bambino surrounded by raised and/or etched type. . The black felt hinged case has a cardboard insert with a bio on Ruth and description of each coin with individual plastic protective pockets. . 2 diameter base x 6 tall. .

This white cotton undergarment is a sleeveless button down body suit with short leggings and reads. One papers labeled Homer, car is red, to make the feat even more memorable. Etc, babe Ruth Rip Proof Guaranteed Patent 1970s 80s Yankee Stadium Glass Ash Tray.

Gordon Harris - Kiwi and Family owned since 1975.40 Years in business is a big milestone for any company.

Painted by sports artist Doug Brewer. Pointing 1980s 90s Babe Ruth Burlap Bag. Light Box or Light Table, watercolor paper Paper 1990s 3 Zippo Baseball Stamp Souvenirs.

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