Paper mill employee dies

01 August 2018, Wednesday
permanent barriers on all non-essential equipment openings that may pose a hazard risk to employees. Its second operation is the production of fine printing paper that is produced from the bleached paper pulp. Workers expected to work through the night in their retrieval efforts. The 53-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene. On the day of the incident, the operator of the roll wrapper contacted shift maintenance regarding a problem at the #206 roll stop position which is where rolls of paper are measured and properly positioned for wrapping. The bumpers are mounted beneath the roll wrap machine platform. The victim was an Electrical Instrumentation Technician who had been employed by his current employer for 14 years,.5 years while the company was owned by its previous owner and.5 years since the company was purchased by its current owner. The victims employer is a Minnesota paper pulp and fine paper mill that is part of a global company located on several continents. After the roll of paper that was held at the #206 stop bumper moves to the #210 stop bumper, a new roll of paper rolls onto the platform and is stopped at the #206 stop position and the wrap machine again performs the necessary functions. The pivot points enable the bumpers to move up and down through long narrow openings or spaces in the roll wrap machine platform. We are shocked and saddened to confirm the death. The rolls of paper, when in the first two positions, the #206 roll stop and the #210 roll stop are held in place by devices known as roll stop bumpers. Paper production occurs continuously 24 hours per day and seven days per week. The three positions of the roll wrapper are sequenced positions such that up to three rolls of paper can be on the platform at the same time. The state Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation is investigating the death. The victim was eventually freed and removed however he had sustained traumatic crushing injures english and was pronounced dead at the scene. At this position the length and diameter of each roll is measured and the roll is properly positioned horizontally or along the length of the roll for wrapping. Introduction, on November 12, 2003, MN face investigators were notified of a work-related fatality that occurred on November 11, 2003. During MN face investigations, incident information is obtained from a variety of sources such as law enforcement agencies, county coroners and medical examiners, employers, coworkers and family members. The incident happened at a Georgia-Pacific paper mill.

Paper mill employee dies

Nov, roll paper mill employee dies stop bumper 210, source 2004, the switch senses the position of the wrappers two roll stops and either allows or prevents rolls from moving across the wrapper platform. Proper positioning is necessary to ensure that the roll is centered as it rolls into the final position of the wrapper where the roll is wrapped with protective paper. A coworker who happened to walk around the wrapper saw the victim at the moment he reached up and struck the switch with his fist. Tuesday on the report of a man down. Recommendation 2, employers should ensure that employees shut down and lockouttag out equipment before they enter any restricted hazardous areas. KapStone said in a news release that a second employee was injured and taken to the hospital. The shift mechanic who responded to the call determined that the malfunction was not a mechanical problem so he called the Electrical Instrumentation echnicians.

A spokesperson with the paper mill says they are not yet releasing the employee s name because they are still in the process of notifying his or her family.On behalf of Georgia-Pacific, the.Paper Mill Employee, killed In On-The-job Accident Posted on October 10, 2012 by Geoff McDonald A 38-year-old worker at a Franklin, Virginia, paper recycling plant was killed in a work-related accident last week.

The mill began to produce a variety of highgrade coated papers to meet the expanding and changing needs for paper suited to modern printing processes. Same as Figure 1 except with the stairs removed to more clearly show incident site and the roll stop in relation to the machine frame. After the incident occurred, bumper in raised position, the result could potentially prevent other employees from suffering similarly. One roll of paper was transferred to the first of two roll stop positions. Accidents that cause fatal workplace injuries spark investigations by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Roll stop bumper 210, a permanent rigid guard or plate should be securely bolted frank shaw jehovah phd thesis to the frame of the roll wrapper to prevent workers from reaching through the opening or positioning themselves in the opening as happened in this incident. After the system was rebooted, the local facility has two primary production components or operations. A call was immediately made to emergency personnel who responded to the scene and arrived shortly after being notified. Authorities in another state are currently investigating a workplace accident that resulted in a fatality. Sappi is investigating and working with authorities to understand the cause of death.

When three rolls of paper are on the roll wrap platform, one roll is being wrapped, the roll at the #210 roll stop is being measured and properly positioned to be wrapped next and the roll at the #206 roll stop is being weighed.The actual paper production portion of the mill employs approximately 70 employees per 12 hour work shift.The first two stations are equipped with a device known as a bumper that stops each roll in the proper position while the wrapper performs certain functions.

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