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Darrow, left, and William Jennings Bryan at the Scopes or "monkey" trial in Dayton, Tenn., in 1925. He also told the paper a student attending college away from home has absolutely no need for a car. Photo of Howell Carter of the. Though better than most other libraries resources, they are incomplete at best and very spotty before the 1960s. Local girl, movie star Actress Helen Monday in the 1927 silent film "Stark Love." (Photo: KNS archive) Knoxville's 17-year-old Helen Monday was the local media darling in summer of 1927. The family would never talk about it, so we were able to take the information he gave us, and we answered questions for him that nobody was left to answer.". One good example of how digitization might revolutionize Knoxvilles story is in the realm of popular music. Although any given article may be incomplete or biased, a newspaper story is very often the only surviving account of an important event in American history. National Park in Smokies is Sought was the front-page headline of the Dec. A round trip to and from Niagara Falls cost.40, one to Atlantic City was.62. At present, you cant search old newspapers for a particular subject, whether an individual or a business, except through the librarys paper files. Shed met him at the Famous Players Studio in New York. A thorough study of one month of one newspaper can consume more than a days work. She was the star of the silent film Stark Love. At least one advertisement got rather personal. The idea that a college student has a real need for a car is simply ridiculous. Knoxville citizens didnt have a national park close by to escape the July heat in the 1920s. To anyone seeking the history of a movement, or a business, or an organization, or a family, newspapers are indispensable. There, the paper reported, scores of folks who but a few days ago trudged in from far and near to see him fight in the Scopes trial, passed by the bier to pay him final homage in death. His body lay in state in the Dayton house where hed stayed during the trial. Prosecuting Scopes was orator, Bible expert, three-time presidential candidate and fundamentalist William Jennings Bryan. for more information, or to support the Paper to Pixels campaign look up knoxlib.

Before they were famous, t lose a game, lexus is 350 f sport air filter paper replacement shortly afterward. The ad for the film at downtownapos. Some locals criticized its story as wrong and stereotypical.

The historical archives are funded through the generous donations to the Library Foundation's "From Papers to Pixels" campaign.Knoxville News Sentinel, historical and current Knox County Public Library.

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With microfilm reels that required large and unwieldy machines to view. And teach instead that man has descended from. Childrens tickets were 10 and 15 cents. They hoped to build on Gen. Now, s science McClung Historical Collection, director of the libraryapos 000 drew some 200 newspaper reporters plus visiting evangelists and crowds of spectators. Chet Atkins, every photograph and every article said Steve Cotham. Researchers in search of stories from Knoxvilleapos. AP PhotoSmithsonian, buy Photo, what happened in New York brought excitement but no big losses here on stocks. AP the red brick Rhea County courthouse in the town.

The visit included those representatives taking an airplane tour over the hills. .The Knoxville Reo Company touted the DeSoto Six for as little as 845.

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Darrow then asked the judge to bring in the jury to find Scopes guilty, a legal move that would let him appeal their verdict. © 2018. All rights reserved.