Paper plate penguin

26 July 2018, Thursday
the wings. If you dont already have the supplies in your classroom, you can find everything you need at the dollar store. Penguin Number Counting Craft and Activity. They will then glue google eyes above the beak. This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. A super easy kids craft that is fun and perfect for when learning about arctic penguins. Next, your students will cut a triangle out of the orange construction paper. Want to see a quick video about this resource? These little penguins would make the cutest way to learn about the Arctic and the animals who live there. Glue down your penguins googly eyes. Material: 1 Paper plate (1 cut in half). Plus, with cutting and painting exercises kids will also get a good practice on their fine motor skills development. Penguins are one of my girls favorite animals, so make sure paper decoration items to check out the penguin when we made last year during our arctic unit as well. Are you looking for a simple craft for your students to make this winter? We glued ours down and it worked very well. Now make a whole bunch of these paper plate penguins and have them wobble all around! If you want the wings to move, your students can attach them with metal brads. If you are working with older children, you can have them paint just the rim of the paper plate and leave the center white.

Paper plate penguin: Scrapbook paper with 1 inch blocks for photos

Black, you can buy black paper plates too. What you need paper plates one paper plate makes two penguins glue or stapler depending on the age of hubel and wiesel paper the child scissors black paint orange paint paint brush wiggle eye stickers. Your students can cut circles out of white and black paper and create their wired wafer paper flowers own eyes. Glue your white construction paper right in the middle of your black plate. Your students will use the black paint to paint a paper plate.

As this project is on the frugal side. Paper Plate Penguin Craft is an easy and creative activity that they are sure to love. Latest posts by Karen see all. Penguin Animal Study, we drew the beak with orange gem shade paint and attached two wiggle eye stickers.

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