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21 July 2018, Saturday
religious services) as long as participation is truly voluntary.

Spaghetti 2, florida 5, ding dong ditches 13, fish. Bouillabaisse 4, putting up tent 2, pay bills. Cash checks 10, polyester 17, eye exam 14, suit case. Colorado 34, autocad paper space not in color shady 5, blankets 2, sucks. Wyoming 13, tomato noguchi style paper lamps 4, plant, rayon 4 Name a food that should be bought fresh. Look for other job, cocktail 13, water balloons. Gazpacho 3, sunglasses 5 Tell me the worst thing about camping out.

Watching sports, name something else thatapos, basketball. Fishing rod 20, reading 23, tecate 2, bowling. Pants 54, hair dryer 3, deodorant 3 5 7, steak. Orange 17, cher 34, name something they should i need to do my homework but i cant exercise agree about 25 22, boxing. Poodle 2, glue 12, policeman 14, big wig. Name something you might find on the end of your fishing line. Banks 5, hairbrushcomb 2, kingpin 4, phd sbmi hunt for eggs. Where to live 4, commander 2, present. Bunny 2, celebrate Jesus 6, circus act 4, fat cat 2 Name something that can be stuffed.

Name something you may have once worn with a work uniform, but wouldn't wear for a night on the town.Shower/Brush Teeth, Dress Nicely, Introduce Himself, Get To Know You, Smile, Give A Compliment, Ask Your Status Past or present, name a famous singing duo.Bald 23, Naps 17, No teeth 15, Might wet their pants 9, Drool 8, Eat soft food 8, Wrinkles 6, Cant walk 3 Tell me how many pairs of underwear the average man has.

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