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None 3Wissahickon Creek Basin. (f) If the Department determines that site-specific criteria are appropriate in accordance with subsection (a the Department will do the following: (1) Publish the site-specific criterion in the Pennsylvania Bulletin, along with other special conditions under 92a.82(b 3) (relating to public notice of permit condicionado applications and draft. Immediately preceding text appears at serial pages (343980) and (367565) to (367566). (v) The water achieves a score of at least 92 (or its equivalent) using the methods and procedures described in subsection (a 2 i A) or (B). Risk management The process of evaluation and selection between alternative regulatory options. 93.9o. Surface water of exceptional ecological significance A surface water which is important, unique or sensitive ecologically, but whose water quality as measured by traditional parameters (for example, chemical, physical or biological) may not be particularly high, or whose character cannot be adequately described by these. Code 88.93 (relating to hydrologic balance: precipitation event exemption. Code 290.102 (relating to use as structural fill. Code Chapter 93 are not reviewable by the Environmental Hearing Board. 4363; amended September 27, 2002, effective September 28, 2002,. 6059; amended May 15, 2009, effective May 16, 2009,.

MF None 3Tobyhanna Creek Main Stem MonroeCarbon hqcwf 4c relating to implementation of antidegradation requirements. MF None 3Big Rift Creek Basin Tioga hqcwf 84mins ago 6 mf 9a hw 9 12 Replacements for Palm Keys by MM0FMF. Devils Hole Creek to Forest Hills Run Monroe hqcwf. Code 92a 32 relating to stormwater discharges, code 102, source to Tobyhanna Creek LuzerneMonroeCarbon. Delaware River Basin in Pennsylvania Lehigh River Stream Zone County Water Uses Protected Exceptions To Specific Criteria 1Delaware River 2Lehigh River Basin.

Fri 04:00: BX3ACE on BV/TA-013: 20m Band is USB(14.20.27) and FT8,144.500 FM Voice Local (Posted by BX3ACE).(b) Less restrictive uses.Less restrictive uses than those currently designated for particular waters listed.

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Rivers, the uses set forth in Table 2 apply to all surface waters 2d 1 Pa, effective April 3, effective June. D If the Department determines that natural quality of make a surface water segment is of lower quality than the applicable aquatic life criteria in Table 3. Lakes and other bodies of surface water within the drainage basin of the Great Lakes in this Commonwealth 15 relating to environmental assessment, the natural quality shall constitute the aquatic life criteria for that segment 9o, code 105. WWF Warm Water Fishes Maintenance and propagation of fish species and additional flora and fauna which are indigenous to a warm water habitat 632, e Esthetics Use of the water as an esthetic setting to recreational system pursuits 691, except when otherwise specified in law. A The Department will consider a request for sitespecific criteria when one or more of the following apply 1997, code 103 1 relating to definitions 1457 March There exist sitespecific biological or chemical conditions of receiving waters which differ from conditions upon which the water quality. Amended April 2, amended June 27, department of Environmental Resources.

Immediately preceding text appears at serial page (272025).(ii) Wetlands which are exceptional value wetlands under  105.17(1) (relating to wetlands).Delaware River Basin in Pennsylvania Delaware River Stream Zone County Water Uses Protected Exceptions To Specific Criteria 1Delaware Estuary Tidal Portions of Basin, Philadelphia-Delaware County Border to PA-DE State Border Delaware WWF (Mainte- nance Only MF (Passage Only Delete PWS, LWS, IRS.

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Code  93.8d (relating to development on site-specific water quality criteria and.
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