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21 July 2018, Saturday
a mirror finish. How to Use phd fashion blog Polishing Papers 3M Polishing papers are designed for use on metal, rather than on unfired clay. Use papers one grit at a time, from coarsest to finest to create a satin or mirror finish or anything in between. I realised that using something as simple as the right grade and quality of polishing papers makes all the difference to the finished quality of your piece. "The most versatile abrasive in my shop.". "Indispensable for polishing bone and pearl nuts. Mark each grit with a felt pen to remind you of the grit.

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These are the perfect alternative to machine polishing. Cut into smaller pieces very good at polishing small intricate work. No limitations messy rouge everywhere, if you are looking to file your silver clay before you fire these are a must have. Using these in order on over prefired silver art clay.

Aluminum Oxide particles coated on a flexible nonwoven backing for finishing and p olishing contoured surfaces of softer materials such as plastics, aluminum.Strong micro-grit finishing papers, so flexible you can use them like cloth, wet o r dry!3M Flexible Polishing Papers Green, 30 micron/400 grit, per sheet.

3m finishing papers: Ann rinaldi term paper

Start with the paper coarsest grit and work to the paper finest grit. They leave a gorgeous luster with no dark residue in porous bone. If you only want to polish the raised surfaces on your piece. When you see uniform scratches look ese will be very fine scratches then move to the next grit.

These are perfect for finishing.Start with 400 grit.

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Excellent and reasonably priced, i have used them a couple of times since they arrived and the finish is stunning.
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